Financial Planning

During the Financial Planning Process, I will help you take the guesswork out of your financial strategy and help you understand the implications of each financial decision you make. Together we will:

  • Define your financial goals
  • Create a timeline to help achieve your goals
  • Discover spending habits•Measure progress
  • Identify risks
  • Build wealth
  • Live comfortably 













The Financial Planning Process

No-Obligation Introductory Session

This is your opportunity to evaluate our services and receive a taste of the benefits of working with your own professional wealth management advisor.

Determing the cost for a written Financial Plan

Cost is determined by a client's particular financial situation, the services being provided and the client's financial objectives.  

Information Gathering

Together, you and your advisor will gather data about your financial situation and goals. We only proceed when you're convinced we have a clear understanding of who you are and what your financial objectives are.

Analysis and Recommendations

Your advisor, along with any other appropriate member of our practice solutions group , will then conduct an in-depth analysis of your financial situation. We examine alternative solutions to improve your situation and prepare our recommendations for your review, discussion and approval. This requires anywhere from 2-4 meetings.

Final Plan

Your advisor then delivers and explains a detailed, written document with our specific recommendations custom-designed to meet your financial goals and needs.


We maintain a business relationship with you through frequent reviews and ongoing contact based on your needs and desires. Monitoring and updating your plan is essential to your plan's success.  There is a fee associated wtih updating the plan.

Plan Renewal and Update

A lot can change in 365 days. To reach your goals, we suggest you review and renew your financial plan every 1-3 years to ensure you remain on track.